Grey Square [2010/11 -]

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Grey Square

After 38 years of working within the same confined space, a man catches the faint signals of a world just beyond his reach. He begins to pit himself against the physical limits of his body and the narrow space it inhabits, but will he be able to escape the Grey Square lodged in his mind? Based on many true stories, and told in evolving micro-choreographies of thought, movement and action.

Grey Square is a new work-in-progress solo performance, first scratched as part of Brighton Fringe Festival at BLANK Open Studios, May 2010. Audience responses: “deeply moving”; “so true, intense … I see myself in this …”; “funny & surprising”.

The piece is based on personal experiences, and created new and in the moment for each performance, from interactive movement interviews made with people in their working environments, exploring how they inhabit their work space, and how it might have shaped them over time.

Grey Square is an on-going project, being developed as a touring show for theatre and work spaces, as well as within site-specific environments, architectural and urban planning contexts.

Above: first performance of Grey Square at BLANK Open Studios, Brighton Fringe Festival 2010, performed in Jo Shapland’s studio in response to her in[scape] project. All artworks & performance space created by Jo Shapland. Grey Square performance photos by Carolina Diaz.