Movement 12 [2009 – 2012]

Movement 12 program cover 2010/11. Design by Sara Popowa

Introduction to Movement 12 from our 2010/11 program brochure:

“Movement 12 is a group of independent dance artists practising across art forms, based in and around Brighton, who curate an international programme of artist-led professional development opportunities.

The nine artists of Movement 12 all have established practices and while these practices are undeniably diverse, the group recognises the value of creating structures that can sustain both artistic development and the evolution of dance as an art form in its broadest forms of expression. The programme outlined in this brochure continues the core aims of Movement 12, in the proposal of a variety of contexts for dance artists and their collaborators to come together with others working in their fields to support, challenge and expand the work they do.

Movement 12 aims to facilitate an environment in which the focus is on process, exploration and discovery rather than on product, and on giving professional dance artists some breathing space in which to train, try things out and explore new territory.”

Movement 12 artists: CiCi Blumstein, Lindsey Butcher, Becky Edmunds, Virginia Farman, Mim King, Charlie Morrissey, Scott Smith, Ben Wright and Marisa Zanotti. Administrator: Rob Hopper

We concluded the M12 project in October 2012, however a wide international network of dance artists that arose from our work between 2009 and 2012 continues as an informal Movement 12 group on Facebook – browse or join here.

Movement 12 - Funders & Sponsors
Movement 12 program & flyer design by Sara Popowa