Love Triangle [2008 -]

LOVE TRIANGLE has been developed from an earlier installation created  for architecture08 festival in June 2008 – The Measuring Room. Visitors were asked to play with a simple urban planning rule, the Floor Area Ratio, within the clearly defined space of a large sculptural measuring triangle. The more they played and physically negotiated / inhabited this triangular space, the more ‘creative plot’ paper they would be able to take away with them …

For LOVE TRIANGLE, the papery creative plot became the Fabric of Love, a deep pink, silky material. This time, visitors to the space were asked to inhabit the space with a real or imaginary partner – how much Fabric of Love would they be able to negotiate together? The strict planning rules of the Floor Area Ratio still applied of course …

Both LOVE  TRIANGLE and The Measuring Room are part of my on-going exploration into the nature of public and private choreographies, and what happens when the two overlap, mix or collide.

LOVE TRIANGLE has been in action twice so far: first at the White Night Brighton & Hove event at Phoenix Arts in October 2008, then at The Basement as part of The Twilight Club in February 2009. Further installations are planned. See images of both events below.

LOVE TRIANGLE at White Night Brighton & Hove, Phoenix Gallery, 25 October 2008:

LOVE TRIANGLE at The Twilight Club, The Basement, Brighton 14 February 2009: