Makeshift Body – Navigations in Felt Space [2002]


Makeshift Body – Navigations in Felt Space

First published in Contact Quarterly dance journal [USA], Vol. 27 # 1, Winter/Spring 2002


i hurl my body into space
like a nomad’s tent:
temporary shelter from the elements
from the impending chaos of
my body holds its own structures inside
flowing worlds of blood and membranes
a russian doll of spaces
at its core the bones
bearing witness to a fleeting shape
delicate etchings of
fibrous attachments
will tell a story
much later
of muscles that once pulled a smile
and held me in space

stones and bones
i think of the formation of planets, of how
stone matter reaches back to that beginning
made of star matter, our bodies mirror the universe
retracing planetary movements on the earth
i fling my bones beyond my body, pulling
energy from the ground there is no limit and expanding,
i make space my body

the makeshift body dreams of space travel,
of rolling over unknown surfaces,
navigating between the
stars and planets of an entire galaxy
its dark soul, earthbound, transitory,
circular, infinite, embraces death and
disintegration hovers between past and present
present and future
it probes the earth down to its core,
pushes back up through mud and
graves, into the roots and out
the pores of leaves
like breath
felt space
this knowledge of bones and structure, movement and death
struggles out of us into our creations
if we can throw our own bones to the wind, they may journey across the solar system