Call for presenters – Pecha Kucha Brighton – Expanded Dance & Public Space

This is the launch event for my month-long Movement 12 program of events, talks & workshops on Expanded Dance Space, running throughout July 2011.

“The places where we live are continuously imposed on us. In reality the space in which we operate can only exist as a mental model that is continuously modified through experience. It is necessary to find the form that is born out of our experience instead of by imposed schemes.” – Ugo La Pietra, artist, architect, designer & theoretician, in Instructions for the use of the city, 1978

Urban Bluescreen: Levitation #1, Portslade industrial area, Brighton.
CiCi Blumstein 2010. Photo: Sara Popowa

Call for presenters for the next PKN / Wednesday 6th July 2011

Pecha-Kucha Night Brighton are proud to be collaborating with Movement 12. Movement 12 are a group of independent dance artists who curate an international programme of artist–led professional development opportunities & events. For their 2010-11 program, each of Movement 12’s 9 artists is curating a month-long series of events and activities reflecting the practice, research, interests and inspirations of each artist – for further information:

PKN Call for presenters under the theme: Expanded Dance Space & the Private Choreography of Public Space

How do we inhabit these different realms? Could urban planning rules and architectural design, mediated through our personal movement experience, directly inform and shape the design of the built environment, and expand dance-able space further into the public architecture of the city?

CiCi Blumstein of Movement 12 welcomes you to consider the moving body as the smallest architectural unit in the built & natural environment. Working across diverse artistic fields, applying urban planning and architectural design directly to the body, CiCi’s recent practice explores movement behaviour within private and public space, and the notion of ‘oddness’ in the public realm.


If you are a choreographer, urban planner, artist or architect, or someone who is simply interested in presenting on this theme please contact us, we’d love to hear from you!

Important dates:

Deadline to apply _____Thursday 26 May Pecha Kucha Brighton – Vol 12 Application form. Please return the Vol 12 Application Form by 26th May 2011, to

We will contact you by _____ Monday 29 May to let you know if you have or haven’t been selected for this PKN

Deadline for 20 visual power point slides to be sent to us for formatting ____Thursday 9 June

PKN Night Wed 6 July 2011

19:30 for a 20:00 start


The Basement, 24 Kensington Street, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 4AJ