Winterstory: Keep Calm and Carry On project in Milan, Berlin and Brighton

I will be taking part in this project coming up at BLANK …

Winterstory is an ongoing international project based on the research and development of artistic and critical approaches to the relationship between art, architecture, live art and curatorial practices. Throughout collaborative artistic laboratories and public events, participating artists are lead to question the idea of an interface between all these different disciplines in a context and site specific way. With laboratories, workshops, lectures and exhibitions, we suggest that an intensive exchange of various artistic visions and positions is necessary to actually get in contact and acquire an objective view on contemporary creation.

The Keep Calm and Carry On tour of the project involves international & local artists for an intense laboratory in collaboration with arts organisations in Milan, Berlin and Brighton: in Berlin, in Milan and in Brighton. No art piece done before the laboratory will be shown, only works made during the residency. The project is created by and for artists that have been recommended by artists previously involved in Winterstory.