CiCi Blumstein in rehearsal, The Cauldron Studios ca. 1993. Photo: Vic Llewellyn

CiCi Blumstein in rehearsal, The Cauldron Studios ca. 1993. Photos: Vic Llewellyn

Mary Prestidge [co-founder X6 Dance Space & Chisenhale Dance Space] and her talk today at Movement 12 sparked off a search through my archive, looking for documentation of my work during the early 90s, in particular setting up the Cauldron Studios in Bristol. After Mary’s presentation, we talked a little more about how there is a scarcity of visual & documentary material from that time, especially if you were working on the edge, developing new work that didn’t fit into any existing category.

I co-founded the Cauldron Studios with Vic Llewellyn [Green Ginger; Desperate Men] in Bristol in 1992. The space was huge – one whole floor of a former Victorian factory building located in Easton, with a number of smaller artists studios already set up in other parts of the building. We wanted to create an experimental space for developing & showing our own work, as well as providing a space for collaborators, the local community, and others working in experimental music, physical theatre, dance, performance art, and visual arts. We had absolutely no money or funding nor experience, yet somehow managed to install heating, improve facilities in general, and even pass the official health & safety inspection to open the space to the public. It was a beautiful space, and I still miss it …

Very few photos exist of the Cauldron Studios during that time [and no video recordings it seems] – above some of the images I could find so far.