Makeshift Body & Park[ing] Day Brighton 2009 – “New Townhouses coming here soon”



Makeshift Body & Park[ing] Day, CiCi Blumstein 2009


Funny how things link up over time …

Today I re-visited a derelict space in the centre of Brighton as part of the Festival of Architecture 2009 and my on-going project, Woman with Watering Can Planning Permission Reclined!.
I danced this very same space back in 2001, again as part of another long-term project entitled Makeshift Body, when the site was just a dusty, plant-less rubble field after the demolition of some large buildings. It served as a temporary parking space back then, and a nursery for the occasional juvenile seagull.
Makeshift Body  Makeshift Body  Makeshift Body   
      CiCi Blumstein dancing Makeshift Body
CiCi Blumstein dancing Makeshift Body


The now rather substantial site fencing had not been put up at that point, but then as now, a sign on the site reads: “New Townhouses coming here soon”.


Makeshift Body & Park[ing] Day, CiCi Blumstein 2009


That was over 8 years ago, and since then plants have taken over and transformed the site into a secret garden – inspiration for the up-coming Park[ing] Day here in Brighton in September 2009 …


Makeshift Body & Park[ing] Day - 02
Makeshift Body & Park[ing] Day - 06
Makeshift Body & Park[ing] Day - 11
More about my plans for Park[ing] Day Brighton 2009 here, or visit .