the private choreography of public space – Friday Lab @ University of Brighton

CiCi Blumstein as Ammonias Schnezbiscuit: Station Dance. Photo: Bath Fringe Festival

Friday Labs at the University of Brighton

These performance laboratories are hosted by the University of Brighton and facilitated by members of Movement 12 or by invited guest artists. The Labs provide opportunities for professional artists and students to come together for a few hours of focussed collaborative experimentation. Each event is different and focusses on some aspect of movement/performance – offering a space to explore unknown territory without having to come up with any answers.

i am too big for this town: the private choreography of public space
with CiCi Blumstein

In this Friday Lab led by CiCi Blumstein, we will apply urban planning principles directly to the body, playfully exploring movement behaviour within private / creative space in contrast to public / highly coded space. How do we inhabit these different spaces? How is creative and personal space determined, and can it be individually calculated?

We will investigate the underlying, private choreography of public space and how it could be transformed / performed. How does behavioural censorship [both internal & external] affect our physical being / movement behaviour in a public space?

Please bring a pencil and any kind of measuring implement – a ruler, tape measure, spirit level – plus a piece of clothing / accessory / musical instrument or any other prop that you think may be considered ‘odd’ in a public space.

About CiCi:
In her current work i am too big for this town, CiCi continues her exploration of experimental and improvisational concepts, which have been at the core of her practice over the last 20 years. Fusing urban planning, architectural and choreographic principles, she seeks to reveal the powerful impact that individual awareness of creative space can bring to the public realm.

Friday 23rd January 4-7pm
Dance Studio, University of Brighton
Grand Parade, Brighton

CiCi Blumstein as Ammonias Schnezbiscuit: People are Staring. Photo: I. G.